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28 Nov

posted in General on Nov 28 2013
OMG! What a night! I think I saw 33 tuned in with absolutely NO advertising. What an amazing station Sizzle is. Every DJ tuned in to support my show and they have been supportive and welcoming almost everyday on skype voice too! It's like a family. Something I missed.Something I have not had in years. The rooms were hopping and they were filled with positive vibes and no pressure! There was... Read More

23 Nov

posted in General on Nov 23 2012
Empathy's Curse was created and "is" a friend of mine's current signature name. His real name is Ryan and he resides in Edmonton Alberta. As I understand it, Ryan writes; edits; and produces the songs by himself. He does not have specific players that he uses each time. My friend Gord was the lead guitarist in his song "At This Moment". Such an amazing tune! The... Read More

28 Aug

posted in The Nooner on Aug 28 2012
Except for the technical difficulties with the Mic volumes I think this show was another great success. Like anything new there are times that things don't work to our expectations and we need to learn from that. Next time a sound check will be done and mic volumes equalized accordingly. err0r and Jay complimented my show and I think the listeners got a taste about how Buzzen really is... Read More

08 Aug

posted in The Nooner on Aug 08 2012
Today's show was a success!  137 who have heard the show so far. Jay was a bit nervous talking on air but I think he did a fantastic job. It worked out smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy the discussions about Buzzen. The live events room was up to 28 chatters at one point and we had no problems in there to speak of. I really enjoyed talking about Buzzen specially being that Buzzen is... Read More

06 Aug

posted in The Nooner on Aug 06 2012
Obsession was a great show. We had allot of listeners and the interaction was awesome. Obsession was something we could all relate too on some level. err0r brought up a great question: "What is the difference between obsession and addiction?" We had quite the debate about that specially because the DSM is about to recognize gambling amongst other things as an addiction not as an... Read More

17 Jul

posted in The Nooner on Jul 17 2012
Well I just got finished editing the podcast for last Wednesdays show. I actually enjoyed listening to this show because it wasn't as full of stats and facts as the others. Not that I don't like the stat and facts in the shows but its not as easy a listen as the one without so much of that. The numbers were better with the time of the show being later. Not allot of interaction with the... Read More

02 Jul

posted in The Nooner on Jul 02 2012
This weeks topic although lacking much interaction was a great experience for me. I enjoyed doing the research and sharing it with all of my listeners. Most of what I talked about I learned in my family dynamics class. However, I backed up my teachings with some statistics from my pschology texts as well. Newspaper articles complimented the part on Discrimination in custody due to gender. Being a... Read More

21 Jun

posted in The Nooner on Jun 21 2012
Cyberspace a kind of "mentally nude commune," where people often strip off their masks. What nudity leaves undone, imagination finishes. "Imagination, which paints cyberspace in more intense and seductive colors, also helps people satisfy some of their most profound desires." It frees people from the limits imposed by their bodies and their surroundings ~ Aaron Ben-Ze'ev... Read More

15 Jun

posted in The Nooner on Jun 15 2012
Although the number of listeners were comparable to the first show, the over all feel of the show was a bit different. Could be the topics I chose or just the difference in the listeners. We discussed communication in relationships. We discussed the problems that can occur in communication and as a result how the relationship can break down. We discussed some maintenance steps you can do to keep... Read More

05 Apr

posted in The Nooner on Apr 05 2012
My first attempt at my talk show was a great success! I sat at 28 listeners most of my show and to be honest that exceded my expectations. I was thrilled and very inspired by how it turned out. We discussed attraction. What attracts people and why. What happens to your brain when you fall in love. How the media interferes and makes relationships difficult at times. What kind of fears effect... Read More